Never Without a Q

When: 07/20/2017

QIC: Cookie, Devito

PAX (): Ha-ha, Whammo, Tater Tot, Meatloaf, Jackalope, Bayside, Turbine, TO, Bookworm, Lumberg, Miller Time, Radar, Special K, Devito, Cookie

Woke up this morning ready for a fun filled field trip led by Hickory Stick, complete with strange orange smoothies and bad teenybopper tunes. Alas, my dreams were crushed as I checked in on the Twitter feed and saw a 3AM tweet (never good) from ole Hickory … something about having not been able to sleep yet and a call for backup. Nic-at-Nite can be an addiction bud. The first step is admitting you have a problem. Cookie saw the same thing. We linked up in the Rubicon lot a couple minutes before start and agreed to split Q. This is one of the many aspects that makes F3 great … we all share the lead, so we are Never without a Q. What follows is a somewhat close depiction of the morning events.

The clock struck 0530 and Cookie called mosey.  Mosey over toward the pool parking lot – circle up around the flag for a quick warmup. Side straddle hop, cotton picker & imperial walker. Mosey across Old Milton Pkwy for an old classic.  Little did we know at this point that Ha-ha’s truck hadn’t broken down somewhere out in the gloom and he was running like a mad-man to get to the beatdown.  He found us sometime during the Thang.  Dedication fellas … all I can say is Dedication.

Merpee Mile. 10 merkins at each cross street, 10 burpees at each speed hump.  Once the 6 was in for the final leg, Cookie passed Q off to Devito.  Mosey over to the field of dreams.  Didn’t think we’d had enough burpees and merkins yet, so time for home run BOMBS.  Start with 20 burpees around home plate, then run the bases loop.  Increase rep count by 20 for each exercise and run the bases loop between each so all exercises are done at home.  80 big boy situps definitely called back the pain from the core BD by Murdock on Tuesday.  Happy Jacks for the 6 (SSH plus squat).  Mosey over to the planter walls near FOD outfield.  Round of 20 IC step-ups followed by dips.  Rinse and repeat a 2nd round for a count of 15.  Time was running short, so mosey back to the flag for Mary and hand Q back to Cookie.

-5 MOM, participation led. Radar with Flutter Kicks, Special K led Dolly, Turbine with American Hammer & T.O. closed us out with JLO.

Prayers for DC2 on his trip out west and the health of his shoulder. Prayers for Nacho on his recovery. T.O. announced a great 3rd F opportunity to partner up with a local rehab center to hold workouts at their facility with patients looking for ways to recover from addiction. What a great way to give back to our community and possibly change the lives of several men. Look for more details soon from T.O. We are still looking for some RNG’s (Relatively New Guys) to step up and VQ in the coming weeks. Good opportunity next Thursday if anyone wants it. 4 posted for today’s 3rd F at Corner Deli led by Moonshine.

They say bad things happen in sets of 3. Well, let’s hope for HaHa that #3 is something funny like spilling his coffee on his shirt on the way to work today. His first 2 were on full display this morning and were just as hilarious. First, his car broke down about 4 miles from the Rubicon, so he ran the rest of the way there. Second, a bird pooped on his shoulder at 3rd F. Bless this #HIM.

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