Three man beatdown

When: 3/25/17

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Misty, & Westside

We were blessed to wake up to one of the nicest days 2017 had to offer for a beatdown, but were only able to pull 3 from the fartsack this morning.  Some had places to be and circumstances to tend to, which happens, but YHC was really hoping for a crowd as the weather had turned.  But as my father always told me you can wish in 1 hand and ….. you get the picture.  THe 3 of us had a great time in this morning and I am very happy to have had the other 2 hang out with me for this workout.

Warm up:

15 SSH

15 Cotton Pickers

10 Copper head Squats

The Thang:

We started the day with a nice mosey to over to the Middle School parking lot and decided that since Spring Break was just around the corner it was as good a time as any to start to redefine what a dad bod should be. Who better to model ourselves after than Bruce Lee.

6 ab exercises, 20 reps each.  3 sets, Each set was followed by 1 lap around the large center divider then 30 sec rest between rounds.

Exercises included:

  1. American Hammer
  2. Leg Raises
  3. LBC’s
  4. Heel Touches
  5. Crunchy Frogs
  6. Flutter Kicks

Next we moseyed back over to the stadium for some BOMBS

One partner started on the track with exercises while the other ran up the stadium stairs, across the top of the stadium, then back down the other side before making it back to his partner.  The partner who ran will pick up where the other partner left off with the exercises  The exercises & reps were as follows (I made slight modifications):

B: Burpees – 50

O: Overhead ball slams (20# ball) – 100

M: Merkins – 150

B: Big Boy Sit ups – 200

S: Squats – 250

Once completed the partners Planked until the 6 was in.  

Finally we mosey Back to the Flag for a quick round of Mary



Great job by both Misty and Westside this week. Its great to see the commitment of these 2, they are both going to be strong contributors in the future.

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