Flagless Falcons

When: 01/26/17

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Darth Visor, Big Dipper, Clyde, The Body, The Hammer

The Rise Up celebration has continued throughout the week in fine form with the excitement creating some confusion as to the location of our fine shovel flag out at BC!  All of the PAX except one have a solid idea of where we believe it is located, but it is too far of a sprint to Darth’s garage for everyone except Hammer, so we had to borrow FoCo’s Old Glory for today’s beatdown.  Here’s how it went…

Mosey down the hill to the intersection at the base of Culiminjaro for warm up’s:


Cotton Mills


Off to FOD II to borrow an exercise from Clyde’s VQ playbook- 10-4’s around the field stopping at 7 different locations for 10 reps, then 9 on the next lap, 8, 7, on down to 4.  Exercises were as follows:

Flying Squirrels

Alternating Shoulder Taps


Crab Cakes

Overhead Claps

Nolan Ryans


This exercise eats up a lot of the 45, but we did have time to stop by the pavilion for a Balls 2 the Wall Challenge.  Hammer can add some more gold to his medal collection- I think he would have to bring along a bed of nails or some hot coals or something for another one of us to have a real chance at dethroning him, but that is why we keep coming back!

Couple rounds of Donkey Kicks, stopping at the Roman Gates  for some plank jacks, and then back to the flag for Mary:



Reverse LBC’s



-Prayers for continued job searches.  Feeling like something is close so hoping for comfort, trust, and wisdom for our brothers over the next few days

-Prayers for successful surgical procedures for Reuben and 410’s brother

-Prayers for recovery for Darth’s wife


-2nd F at 5 Seasons Brewery on Old Milton.  Thursday, 2/2 at 7 PM!  Come one come all!

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