IRISH slam – frozen clovers and 23 degrees – BIG CREEK

When: 03/16/17

PAX: Swiper, Big Dipper, Clyde, Darth

QIC: Darth Visor

The PAX got busy quick to warm up them bones with a mosey to the clover field. “23 degrees…doesn’t feel as cold as Tuesday”, “really wanted to hit snooze button today”, ” tough day to recruit an FNG, if 5:50 doesn’t get em and bootcamp doesn’t scare them off, 23 degrees did”

Just a few chattering quotes this AM during the mosey to warmups.

My how far Big Dipper has come running with the PAX to get things rolling. It doesn’t get easier you just get stronger!

Warm Up with 5 OYO Burps, 17 Sun Gods forward then 17 Sun Gods backward, 17 Imperial Walkers, and 17 Mountain Climbers

Frozen Clover – Flap Jacks(On Six roll over push up to stand – Jump) with Partner sprints.

To Center of Parking lot for some IRISH Clover Corners:

I mperial Squat Walkers             17

R ange of Merkins                      17   Left , 17 Right, 17 Wide Stagger

I ron Mikes (jump lunges)           17

S it-ups – WWI type      3 x 17 = 51

H urpees –                                  17    ( hand release burpees )

Partner Up

Partner A runs up HILL while Partner B Curls ROCK

Same with Shoulder Press

Same with Lat Pulls.

Mosey to ROMAN GATES for Q orama

Mary’s – everyones favorites

Jail break to flag Swiper displays speed and stamina, as Clyde’s race strategy did not shift into gear in time.


Praying for Jobs / Dipper and Hammer

F3 Growth


Join BIG CREEK at Cherry Street for IRISH KICK OFF – F2  7PM Vickery Villiage

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