HIMs Reign in the Rain

AO: Grindstone

When: 2024-05-10

QIC: Hail Mary

PAX (9): Crab Cake, DirtyMO, Hail Mary, jugdish, Spit Valve, Swiper, Toast, Vanna, Radiant


The preblast for today’s Q was late.  The forecast was for a lot of rain. College graduation season is in full swing. School kids have finals.  But none of these deterred the 9pax that showed up.


Mosey to the front parking lot ssh; sun gods; hill Billy’s; wp.  All IC

The Thang:

Line up in the end zone. broad jump to 10:  10 burpees, return bear crawl to 20. 20 metkins duck walk to 30; 30 mountain clombers One leg hop to 40; 40 squats mosey to 50; 50 lunges mosey to 60; 60 lbcs. Mosey to 70; 70 e2ks mosey to 80; 80 flutter kicks mosey to 90; 90 Freddie mwrcurys mosey to 100; 100 plank jacks pick up a coupon 11s.  Thrusters and Burpees    


Night run. Memorial Day run

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC forgot I had the Q.  Thank to our site Q for a timely nudge.

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