Burp-Kin – Birthday Q

AO: Black Water

When: 2024-05-06

QIC: Cha-Ching

PAX (9): Baskins, Hushpuppy, Mantooth, Olaf, Pinkman, Schneider, Shroot, Whiz


Your Birthday Q did too much running and riding this weekend so decided to make this beat down all about the upper body, what better way to burn off the Cinco de Mayo tacos


I hate the F3 counting, I don't get it and I'm bad at it so you only get 2 warm up exercise.  It's a growth area, I'll work on it. Weed pickers - 10 count Imperial walkers - 10 count    

The Thang:

QIC took PAX to the grass at center stage of City Center Performed a Burp-Kin (15 burpees each burpee stacks an additional Merkin until you ladder all the way up to 15.  First Burpee 1 Merkin, Last Burpee 15 Merkin. Total Count 15 Burpees and 120 Merkins) After the 15th Burp-Kin we Came back down the ladder, this time focusing on the kick out part of the Burpee (1st burpee 15 kick outs, then 14, 13, ect...) Then we moved to the wall did 5 sets of the following 20 Dips 20 Big Boy sit ups 20 Shoulder taps (alpha) I had too much planned and Next Exercise was cut short We paired up for a relay first PAX Performed a plank waiting on their partner to run down to the end of the amphitheater and back, making sure to bear crawl through the "bears zone" on the way down and back. Some of the teams got to the side straddle hop, which was the second planned relay exercise, but then it was time to mosey back to the AO  


Baskins announced overnight run to several AO's, I didn't catch how many, Think it's 7 AM to 7 PM on June 8th. Prayer for Schneider's Dad

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was an honor my fellow PAX to lead this AM

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