When Plan B becomes Plan A

AO: The Bridge

When: 04/14/2023

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (6): Birdie, Gasleak, HIPPA, Popper, TURK


The weather for YHC’s last several scheduled Q’s has been twitchy, so much so that PAX subjected to those beatdowns have received the treat of a constant movement with no rest (BUT UNDER COVER). Today was no different, except the decision to use coupons kind of made it necessary commit to the Plan B workout. As will probably be attested, Plan A probably would have induced less soreness (similar to the 0.0 beatdown at the Widowmaker that was done in a monsoon) .

With a veteran crew, a very short disclaimer was given (with emphasis on “Modify as Necessary”), and off we went.


Short farmer’s carry of coupons from flag to the town center green. Continued with:

10 Weedpickers

12 Willie Mays Hays

10 Copperhead Squats

10 Moroccan Nightclubs

10 Hillbillies

Mosey around the green

The Thang:

So – with the weather holding off, we set about staying outdoors to the greatest extent possible.

  1. Conducted reps of 10-20-30 with a pairing of block rows and stiff leg deadlifts. After every set, run around the green. Hillbilly for the 6. Farmers carry blocks to the back parking lot
  2. Conducted reps of 10-20-30 with a pairing of block lunges and goblet squats. After every set, run a 4 corners route around the lot, forward/right karaoake/Bernie Sanders/left Karaoake. Imperial Walker for the 6
  3. Conducted reps of 5-10-15 with pairing of kettle bell swings and overhead presses. Standard run around the parking lot after each set. Air chair for the 6. Farmers carry blocks to the parking deck
  4. Conducted reps of 10-20-30 with pairing of block bench presses and block ercans, standard run around the parking deck section (which is now fully engulfed in construction – no more ramp work!). Freddie Mercury for the 6, then pick up the 6.
  5. Start in parking deck with 5 curls / 5 skull crushers. Farmers carry blocks to the parking deck exit. Conduct 10 curls / 10 skull crushers. Farmers carry blocks to the flag, conduct 15 curls / 15 skull crushers. AND THAT WAS TIME!!!!!!


Promise Race tomorrow across from AAC, starting at 9 am

HAlpha CSAUP (8pm 4/21 to 8am 4/22), at the Rubicon (Wills Park, Alpharetta). Beatdowns every hour on the hour!

Prayers for: Gasleak as his family continues to seek the the final answers for his son’s schooling, as well as praises for some of the answered prayers for said schooling; prayers for safe travel and lessons in servant leadership for Popper and his sons, along with his D group, as they venture into middle Georgia for a father-son retreat; and prayers for HIPPA’s wife as she seeks answers on direction for her new business.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Men, that 45 minutes seemed like it blew by. It’s great to get inspiration from my brothers as it relates to Qing style (T-claps for Birdie!), and YHC hopes that you all feel like it was time well spent. Give that Q sheet love, and it will love you back!

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