10-4’s Part Deux

When: 01/05/17

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Swiper, The Body

An almost double PAX showed up this morning from my original VQ, almost.  We had 3 on this cold but all around beautiful morning.  Not as nervous as my original Q YHC decided to make a grand entrance at 5:28, as the last to show.  That is Leadership!

The Thang:

Time to mosey down to the intersection with actual lights for some warm-ups:

Warm Up:

20 SSH (IC)

15 Cotton Pickers

15 Imperial Walkers.

Quick stop to pick-up a coupon at a new dispensary then take the long ….. wait shortcut through the gate, to the turf soccer field.  Drop of the coupon at far corner (we’ll need that later).  Mosey to opposite corner to start.

Same as last week with a little more balanced attack of exercises, we stopped at 8 stations around the field doing 10 reps of each:


Big Boy Sit-Ups


Star Jumps

Monkey Humpers

American Hammer 4-count


W/coupon Curls, HHP, Skull Crushers 10 reps each

Rinse and repeat with 9 reps. Then 8, 7 and so on.

No need for an audible today, YHC acted like I knew this was 10-4 the whole time.   It was impressive to see the air The Body gets on his star jumps.  His basketball coach M must be training him at home.  Swiper is a natural born Merkin machine, every time I felt my knees linger a little longer than they should I had time to look up and see him pounding them out.  Time to scramble back to the imaginary flag.  The real one must be in Tellurde, CO?

Mary:  LBC’s, Freddie Mercury


  • Thanks for the opportunity to share this workout with more people, will have to come up with a new one for my next Q
  • Prayers The Body’s Grand-Father-in-law. A Forsyth county Legend
  • Continue prayers for old friends to come back to Big Creek, and to continue to try and get new Sad Clowns out.

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