Pine Lakes Route…Strike Two

AO: Jailbreak

When: 2024-06-06

QIC: Swiper

PAX (12): Ansel Adams, Crab Cake, Herbie (Bryan Cere), Krystal, Mantooth, Olaf, Pinkman, Schneider, Shroot, Snake, Swiper, Gonzo


Earlier this year, YHC was very excited to try this route...only problem was that the fartsack almost claimed him as a victim and he showed up like 5 minutes late.  The PAX weren't sure of the exact turns off of Pine Lakes, so we ended up with a big group returning several minutes late from the run.  THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT!  YHC set the alarm and clearly noted the cut through roads so today would be the shot at redemption!  Not so fast...


Mosey towards the City Center with virtually flat roads...

The Thang:

Enter Pine Lakes...this route is known for some rolling hills that offer a good challenge but they are relatively short so very manageable for most.  We crossed the lake and took the first right turn just as planned.  Some of us were focused on an upcoming left, but alas, it was an upcoming right turn FOLLOWED BY A LEFT that we were supposed to take.  Good news for half the group who took the turn, a SMR hill training run for those who missed it!  Oh well, do hard things is one of our mottos, right?


Night Shift on Saturday at 7 PM Don't know the rest because I was 10 minutes late returning to the flag

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Pine Lakes hasn't seen the last Q from YHC...until next time

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