Happy 55th

AO: The Storm

When: 2024-06-01

QIC: Snowman

PAX (15): Ace Ventura, Baskins, Better Call Saul, Deuce (Jay Mooney), Dumpster, Durty Nelly, Mantooth, Napalm, Seaman, Shag, Snake, Snowman, Spit Valve, Swiper, Air Jordan


3 PAX showed up for a pre pre and then joined us other 5 pre runners for a slow mosey.


Started up the staircase to the top level for a quick warmup: Copperhead Squats Good Mornings Weedpickers Willie Mays Hays    

The Thang:

Tucked back down the other stairs to the entrance of Halycon. 11’s (not really did 5 sets to equal 55) Erkins at the bottom of the stairs Bear crawl with the ruck up the stairs Squats Headed out of Halycon and up Ronald Reagan. Stopped along the way for: 55 American Hammers 55 Flutter Kicks  


I turned 55 today, thank you for those that came out to celebrate with me. Deuce thank you for the candles and donuts. As I shared, I would not have made it to 55 without each of you men supporting, holding me accountable and loving me. Now I have a great chance to make 75.   Prayers for Greenspan’s family prayers for save travel Swiper’s M and 2.0 continued prayers for my M and her family

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