Grindstone Adventures

AO: Grindstone

When: 2024-05-17

QIC: Spit Valve

PAX (12): Bill Dance, Hail Mary, jugdish, Omaha, Relient, Snoopy, Snowman, Swiper, Vanna, Slumlord, Grimace


Day 2 of my birthday celebration


Hit play on the 1977 playlist and mosey to the top of the parking lot for warmups. Gave disclaimer and then completed SSH, week pickers, good mornings, Moroccan nightclubs in cadence. Snoopy moseyed in a little late for the record but we were glad to have him.

The Thang:

Thang 1: Line up by the road for the randomizer. Hold plank position and perform 5 Merkins for every car/SUV that passes, 5 plank jacks for every pickup truck that passes, stop when anything else passes. After only a couple of rounds we were saved by a school bus. Let's try again holding air chair and performing squats and smurf jacks. This went on much longer. As legs were burning Q called it quits when a work van passed us by. Thang 2: Line up on the goal line of the turf field for some suicides. Bear crawl to the 10 and back then complete 10 merkins, one legged bear crawl to the 20 and back followed by 10 merkins. Regular bear crawl to the 30 and back. Next round was lunge walk and smurf jacks (we didn't get to do any with the randomizer). Final round was crab walk with big boy situps. Thang 3: Partner up, stop at the restrooms and one partner holds balls to the wall while the other partner performs 10 burpees. Switch and repeat. Do it again. Thang 4: Grab a coupon. Do a round of colt 45s (curls), overhead press and skull crushers all in cadence. Do a round of no surrenders before heading back to the flag for a little bit of Mary with T bombs and American Hammers.


Murph on Memorial Day at North Forsyth at 7am Night Shift Prayers for Snowman's family and Snoopy's step dad

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Twas another awesome morning in the gloom. It's always a pleasure to lead.

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