Pick your Poison at Grindstone

AO: Grindstone

When: 03/22/2024

QIC: Homer

PAX (13): Crab Cake, DirtyMO, Hail Mary, Homer (Andy Darnell), jugdish, Luau (66/200), Noodle, Omaha, Paparazzi (Sri), Snake, Swiper, Valley Girl, Vanna


Harding an F3 Gwinnett pax is not far from this AO and we decided to go check it out with him, and then a last minute change in schedule kept him away, but Luau and I made our way across the River to visit the Alpha boys. I tried to headlock some fngs but no dice.


quick disclaimer and warmup


The Thang:

Asked pax to stand in straight line. On count of three take one step forward or one back. Back was gonna be the ‘board of pain.’ Forward was ‘keep it simply brutal.’ We chose simple/brutal.

This involves some running of a shortish distance followed by 20 SSH in cadence, and 5 Burpees/10 LBCs on own. Rinse repeat for duration of Beatdown.
May first stop Luau thought we were doing Killer Bs (modified IronPax) but realized real quick it was the simple/brutal.

We did 5 stops through various parking lots and I realized I’d give the pax another choice. Line up. Count of three. Forward or backward. Forward again, which in my head was more brutal. If step back, we’d throw in some killer bs (we were away from my car which held the board of pain.

we did one more stop to do SSHs/burpees and LBCs before I called an audible and threw in some killer B’s.

This one is a modified IronPax workout from a few years back. Using parking lot. 5 burpees. Broad jump 3 car spaces wide. 10 LBCs, Broad jump 3 car spaces wide. 10 LBCs, Broad jump 3 car spaces wide. 10 LBCs, Bear crawl 9 spaces back to start

rinse and repeat. We did this 4 times total changing up the LBCs with various pax called work.

With around 15 minutes left we mosey’d to flag and had each pax call a Mary exercise



Prayers spoken, lifted and heard. Ended with pledge of allegiance, which I loved. Might take that back to Gwinnett.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

it’s always fun to post in the unknown. Better to Q it. I had been in the park before but didn’t examine it for Q beforehand. Kinda knew what we could do anywhere. I highly recommend posting downrange and getting around. Grows and connects you to more men.

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