Don’t Forget Your Hard Hat

AO: Cropduster

When: 2024-03-14

QIC: Animal

PAX (7): Angus, BallBoy, Credit Check, Humperdinck, Meatball, Sunshine

The Thang:

Grabbed the Q the night before, without knowing the current condition of the intended route that well, with my fingers crossed that everything would be fine. The route was a straightforward loop using Kimball Bridge, Waters Rd, Jones Bridge, and Buice. There is quite a bit of sidewalk construction on Jones Bridge, between Waters and Buice, but the PAX were in good spirits and made it through unscathed, with the worst consequence being some slightly muddy shoes. At 4.5 miles, it's a great distance to accommodate multiple paces groups. Once the sidewalk construction is completed, this will be a pretty ideal Cropduster route.


As has become become all too regular for YHC, we got so caught up in announcements and prayer requests that we completely skipped count-o-rama and name-o-rama! Prayer requests for Angus' in-laws who will be travelling abroad.

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