Not quite over the hill

AO: Windjammer

When: 2024-02-28

QIC: mike c (Brutus )

PAX (8): Caroline, Deep dish, Funyun, Ma Bell (Carpex), mike c (Brutus ), NRA, Sparkie, Walkie Talkie, Ma Bell


Celebrated a birthday last weekend so it’s time for another Bday Q!  Mother Nature gave a bday gift of a nice  balmy morning for Feb where the light breeze was actually welcome !


52 ssh (pax groaned but reason was obvious )

weed pickers imperial walkers covids arm circles tokens (neck rolls)

The Thang:

B-day 52 so a 52-themed BD 1)Boat launch Four Corners:  48 total monkey bumpers (Gotta “get some “ on your b-day) plus 4 center burpees =52 2)Hill run (not over the hill just partially to the end of the white fence   I’m only 53 not over the hill yet !!!) - 3 times up and back starting at boat launch 5 merkin at bottom and 2 burpee at top miscellaneous  core exercises while awaiting the 6 at the top each time note for future reference…..the white fence stops 2-3 times so some pax did some bonus burpees! 3)sports park -52 second balls to the wall (inverse gravity good for my age ) -52 dips total -52 step ups -52 total group pull-ups (one guy at a time while the others planked).  Thanks to @Ma Bell and @Deepdish for crushing their turns ! 4) windammer.   Just because I am not over the hill doesn’t mean we couldn’t go up and over the windammer once Hard run back to flag and that was time !


Welcome to MaBell!   Could luck with his potential relocation to Georgia! Prayers for Walkie Talkie Moms upcoming surgery (hope I didn’t mess that up ) not too late to sign up for Hill Seeker despite anti-endorsement from Deepdish

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to celebrate a b-day with F3 PAX!   Time flies as it seems like just yesterday when there was no “respect “ after my name!    Looking forward to continuing to have F3 make me stronger across all 3 F’s as I inch closer to the “Double Respect”

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