The Crabcake and Valley Girl Beatdown Circus

AO: Jericho

When: 08/19/2022

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (18): cingular, Crab Cake, Deuce, jugdish, Napalm, Schneider, Sirmixalot, Snowman, Swiper, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass, Valley Girl, Starchild, SoulGlo, LaZyBoy, Package, Bagel, Harbaugh, FNG Dull Blade


This was the 2nd go at bringing some heavy duty equipment to the fields of Jericho. Last time Crabcake brought the goods, this time we both did so we had 9 strong stations of pain ready to go! I got a pre-workout just lugging everything to the field.


Kinda Sorta.  We mosey’d to the field where Crabcake led everyone in a moving warm up as I explained each station.

The Thang:

9 stations set up.  4 minute Tabata timer with 30 seconds in between.  After 2 stations, we would run a lap around the field.   Partnered up and ready to go.
1. Sled Pull
P1 – pull 120lb sled to 20 yd line, then push it back.  P2 – Mountain climbers AMRAP

2. Bear crawl with weighted vest
P1 – Bear Crawl to 10 yd line and back dragging 20lb weighted vest underneath.  P2 – Reverse LBC holding cinder block above head AMRAP

3. Plyo boxes Large and small
P1 – 10 Box Jumps on large box (20 inches).  P2 – Burpees w/ hop over small box (12 inches) AMRAP

4. Two Cinder Blocks
P1 – Murder Bunny to 10 yd line and back.  P2 – Scurls with cinder AMRAP

5. Battle Ropes
P1 – Alternating waves – 10 alpha count.  P2 – Bonnie Blairs AMRAP

6. Tractor Tire
P1 – Partners alternate flipping tire to 20 yd line and back

7. 45 lb. plates
P1 – Farmers carry both plates to 20 yd line and return.  P2 – J Lo’s AMRAP

8. Tractor Tire #2
P1 – Sledge hammer hit the tire 10 times. P2 – Merkin Jacks AMRAP

9. Run and Core
P1 – Run to 50 and backwards return. P2 – LBC’s AMRAP

Takeaways: Murder bunnies still suck.  The plyo box station was a grinder. Pulling the sled was pretty easy. Pushing it back was excruciating, especially with feet slipping on moist turf.  Everyone seemed to like the variety and the difficulty level.  A lot of sweat today.  Definitely will do again.


Prayers out to Deja Vu and the 4 kids as his M goes in for surgery

Blessings for Starchild as he starts with a new group at church

Darth Visor logistics and planning in the next week

Thanks LaZyBoy and Deuce for some good charges for the group to leave with.  Do what you say you’re going to do…show up.  Be that friend that people can trust and know you will be there.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

After doing name-o-rama, I was planning to name the FNG, however when we went around saying our names, the FNG said “Blade”, so we thought that he must have posted somewhere before.  After while having coffee, we realized he actually was an FNG and he just said Blade for some unknown reason, maybe he thought he had to say something?  I’ll take the blame for not explaining well up front.  Anyway…we thought that was pretty ballsy to name yourself “Blade” so after he left we officially named him Dull Blade.  Welcome Dull Blade!

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