Jerry was a race car driver

AO: Windjammer

When: 08/19/2022

QIC: Townie

PAX (7): Caroline, Cookie, Dipstick, False Start, mike c (Brutus ), Stu, Townie


This Day in History: The very first race was held on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909.  So we’re gonna have a little race today at the Windjammer. 


Mosey to the dam. 

Windmills, SSH’s, Mtn Man Poopers (False Start led), Covids

The Thang:

Everyone grab a coupon from the rock pile.  Circle up with the deck of cards, speaker, dice, & light in the middle.  

One person (The Racer) chooses a card from the deck.  Whatever card is pulled the group performs while the racer races around the “speedway” based on the roll of the dice. 


Ace – Burpees

2 – Curls                 8 – Big Boys

3 – Thrusters          9 – Squats

4 – Mercans           10 – Lunges

5 – Mtn Climbers    J – Shoulder Taps

6 – LBC’s                 Q – Freddie Mercuries

7 – Skull Crushers    K – Dealers Choice 


Parking Lot Format:

  1. Run a full lap around the full track
  2. Run a backward lap around the short loop
  3. Bear Crawl to the sidewalk & back
  4. Karaoke to the light post & back
  5. DB Shuttle Drill up to the light post (LEFT side), mosey back
  6. DB Shuttle Drill up to the light post (RIGHT side), mosey back


CSAUP for Darth Visor – Coming up.  Check Slack.

@cookie mentioned we’re collecting snacks for a mentor program if anyone can bring to an AO.

YHC plans the best beatdowns, in my humble opinion (and Cookie backed this up)


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Cookie shared a great TNT today, about how – in nature – everything is about giving to others.  Rivers do not drink their own water.  Flowers spread nectar not for themselves but for other animals.  Trees grow and provide shade and shelter for other animals.  We should strive to live our lives giving to others and unselfishly.

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