AO: The Hooch

When: 09/22/2021

QIC: Wingnut

PAX (27): Angus, BallBoy, Birdie, CATFISH, David Pittman, Dinghy, Doughboy, Feathers, Flo, Hot Chicken, Maguire, McCracken, Meatball, Motorboat, Popper, Popper, PuffDaddy, Ready-Mix (F3), Saint2O, Scrooge, Soft Serve, Stickers, Sunshine, Wingnut, Zima, Zima, Zohan, Einstein (FNG) , Guru,


Wingnut bday Q


Mosey, Squats, lunges, stretching


Praise that McCracken has recovered, prayers for Chelsea, praise for Flo’s mom,


2nd F Thursday at Gate city, check slack 2nd f for details

New AO launch coming soon at new town park on mondays/fridays.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great work, gents! Iron sharpens iron. Didn’t think we’d break the pax record again this year, nonetheless in the same week twice.

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