Kodiak’s can C.L.I.M.B

AO: The Kodiak

When: 02/19/2018

QIC: Westside

PAX (): Legionairre, Babyface, Swisher, Buckeye, Dory, Harp, Woody, Homeboy, C4, The Mole, Banjo

12 PAX showed up on this rainy Monday morning. We kicked things off with a Mosey over to the carpool lane. I had one goal in mind: stay out of the rain


SSH x10
Windmills x10
Cotton Pickers x10

THE THANG: Kodiak’s can C.L.I.M.B

Under cover of the school the goal was to perform 5 iterations of C.L.I.M.B increasing by the count by multiples of the iteration each time. After each iteration the PAX would all line up and run a lap around the carpool lane.

The exercises of C.L.I.M.B are as follows:

C – Crab Cakes

L – Lunges

I – Imperial Walkers

M – Merkins

B – Burpees

Round 1, the count was 1,2,3,4,5 reps and then we took a lap. Round 2, the count was 2,4,6,8,10 and then we took a lap. After 5 iterations we took one final lap and then did a quick 10 – count.

As if we didn’t have enough cardio already we all lined up for another lap around the carpool lane Indian Run style. After one lap we Indian Ran back to the flag for 2 rounds of Ring of Fire.

Although our shoulders were probably aching from all the Burpees and Merkins we successfully never touched the ground and remained sufficiently dry. Mission accomplished.


Shout out to the PAX about Ricky Bobby’s VQ tomorrow at the Paragon. Babyface mentioned an event this Saturday at Buffington Elementary for Georgia Premier Wrestling. Some of the PAX went to the last event and had a blast. 2.0’s are welcome.

2nd F event at the Avalon is happening this Thursday, 2/22. Location is The Beer Garden at 6:30pm.

Also, our 2nd F event at Reformation Brewery is scheduled for Saturday 3/3

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