Lovely Day

When: 2/14/2018

The Pax: C4, Babyface, Floppy, FNG (Frenchy), Bushwood, Banjo, Cricket, Cavalier, Chitwood, Misty, Bloodhound, Whiz, Westside, Legionairre, Lawdog, Thumper, The Mole, Dory, Yogi, Natty Lite, Hombre, Manning, Wham-O

QIC: Wham-O

“Love is a battlefield”
~Pat Benatar

24 PAX gathered on this Valentine’s Day for a love-ly beatdown. You can probably guess the theme. Music choice of the day was Happy Valentine’s Day by The Love Below side of the grammy-winning Outkast album. Technology had other plans, but rest assured it was running through my head the whole time.

15 Side Straddle Hops
10 Windmills
15 Imperial Walkers
10 Cotton Pickers

The Thang:
After pairing up each couple picked up a sand-baby graciously provided by Bloodhound. We moseyed with the baby to the wrestling parking lot for some Bromance. We did 11s at the top of the hill on either side of the lot with Brokins and Bropees. Lots of epic high fives were had by all. Traveling across the parking lot took a partner Kodiak crawl. After seeing how hard this was (and fearing for the safety of the babies as arms get tired and start dragging) YHC audibled to plain bear crawls. There was some mumble chatter here about needing some energy for tonight for some reason.

Once we were “bro”ed out, we did some catch me if you can, because love is hard to get. Starting at the wrestling lot, one partner runs backwards with the sand baby while the other does five double squat jumps, then chases. Once the backward runner is caught, the baby was handed off. We did this around the bus loop and along the bus lane back to the truck where we dropped off the kids.

With two whole minutes to spare we did some Mary with one-legged hip thrusts (10 per side), and 15 J-Los.

Welcome to FNG Frenchy, and great to have Banjo back out with us.

Prayers for Banjos friend continue to go up as she lost a baby during childbirth and is still in ICU.

2.0 workout is looking dicey with the weather (again), stay posted.
Shirt orders are in, bring money to give money to the people who spent money.
2nd F March 3rd at Reformation Brewery, M’s welcome.
Alpha 2nd F at the Beer Garden on February 22nd.
First 2nd F lunch at Newks this Friday at 12:30.

“If arrows don’t penetrate, cupid packs a pistol.”
Andre 3000

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