Muddy Monday at Big Creek

AO: Fire Swamp

When: 02/05/2018

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Lawdog, Clyde and Ha-ha

Remember all that heavy rain we had early Sunday morning? Yup, that rain.  It all has to run off somewhere.  A lot of that rain drains into Big Creek. And you know the Greenway trail is in a flood plain…

Yeah, we knew that too but Sunday morning seemed so long ago. The after effects lingered as 3 PAX descended the approach trail from the parking lot to the Greenway. Big puddles of standing water, mud washed up on the trail, debris and even some frost on the dryer boards on the boardwalk. We took the south direction this morning to avoid what was sure to be standing water in the field adjacent to highway 9. Silt was washed up on the boardwalk in the usual places and we made it to the GA 400 underpass where the trail was underwater. So we cut it a bit short this morning with only 45 minutes and 4.5 miles. But we all took souvenirs home with muddy shoes and mud splatters up our legs. On the bright side it was “only” 38 degrees!

Good conversation with Clyde and Lawdog this morning. We might have solved the whole worlds problems!


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