Gone in 60 Seconds

AO: Wreck

When: 02/02/2018


PAX (): IBeam, Slim, TP, Grease Monkey, Rusty, Squeegee, Rooney, Aflac, Nomad, Turbine, Thumper, DD

Gone in 60 Seconds

Temperature was above freezing but the wind/wind chill made it a cold morning probably dropping us below freezing.  Along with a rain last night to get the ground wet, it was good to see 12 PAX end their week right (or for me, start and end it right).

While deciding to avoid my best Nick Cage impressions, we started our Gone in 60 Seconds work out at 5:30 sharp with a short warm up.

The Thang

Every exercise was done for 60 seconds with an egg timer that sometimes worked from the Dollar Tree.  **Yes, everything is a dollar at the Dollar Tree.  The person in front of me in line there placed 5 things on the belt and asked the guy how much each cost, so apparently there is some ambiguity based on the fact nothing has price tags on it.**

  1. 1 minute cotton pickers
  2. 1 minute Toy Soldiers
  3. Run to stairs in front of lake
  4. 1 minute left calf raises
  5. 1 minute right calf raises
  6. Run to the parking lot near gymnastics entrance
  7. 1 minute downward dog
  8. 1 minute Imperial Walkers
  9. 1 minute side straddle hops
  10. 1 minute Apollo Ono
  11. Run to bleachers beside football field
  12. 1 minute left leg lifts
  13. 1 minute right leg lifts
  14. 1 minute dips
  15. 1 minute American Hammers
  16. 1 minute monkey humpers
  17. 1 minute plank
  18. Run to front of football field to goal line
  19. 1 minute Merkins
  20. 1 minute of lunges
  21. 1 minute LBCs
  22. 1 minute Al Gores- Hold for 5 seconds – Squat while holding tree
  23. 1 minute diamond Merkins
  24. 1 minute Big Boy Sit-ups
  25. 1 minute Caroline Dry Docs
  26. 1 minute flutter kicks
  27. 1 minute bear crawl
  28. 1 minute crab crawl
  29. Run to first play ground
  30. 1 minute Bobby Hurley’s
  31. 1 minute Peter Parkers
  32. 1 minute to starting point
  33. 1 minute Parker Peters – left knee to right elbow



12 PAX today

Several running opportunities coming up including Saturday’s run.

Additional Coffee day at Crazy Love added this week.

An attempt at some F2 action at Roux for today and north Alpharetta group had one planned at another location

Prayers for Sprocket and his family.

Congrats and Prayers for Slim who had a shotgun wedding this weekend.  (I think there should be (or now is) a new groom Q…so Slim, sign up).  I’ve got a few exercise ideas for ya.

S Talk

Bronco has failed his f3 commitments miserably so please harass him in person, social media, and slack (which is an ironic name since all he does is slack).

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