Sprint This

When: 02/01/2018


PAX (): Hombre, Ricky Bobby, Smurfette, Homeboy, Legionnaire, Goodhands, Chitwood, Katniss, Garfield (FNG), Dory, Dosido, Wham-O, Cricket, Yogi, Manning, Thrasher, Wiggum, Papa John, Fleetwood, Satellite, Kiffin, Hasbro


Half lap around the track

SSH 15

Cottonpicker 10

Monkey Humpers 20

Imperial Walkers 15

The Thang

  • BLIMPS (Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Mercans, Plankjacks, Squats)  – soccer field sideline, 10 count increments, partnered up, maintain one’s own count, across the field sprint intervals.  Plank and LBCs while we await the Six.
  • Spartan 75 – long sprint down the full soccer field, 15 mercans, walk back.  Objective was 10, a Spartan 150, but this one ate up time.  Audibled out after 5 sprints.  Note to self – Cricket has gotten faster, to be sure.  Got him some hippidy hop in that stride, tough to keep up.  Manning right there as well.
  • Lt. Dan’s, cousin to Jack Webb – 1:4 ratio Squat to Lunges, down the full field.  It took 7:28 to hit the goal line of the opposite side.
  • Back to the flag.


LBCs – 20

BBSU – 25

Boxcutters – 20

Flutter kicks – 15 (the legs are shot at this point)

Freddy Mercury – 15


Welcome FNG Garfield!


2.0 workout at the Hurtlocker this weekend

Prayers for friend and family health difficulties

Prayers for peaceful rest

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