For the Culture

When: 01/31/2018

QIC: Wham-O

PAX (): Dory, Misty, Westside, Legionairre, Babyface, Harp, Hombre, The Mole, Woody, Chitwood, Bushwood, FNG Title IX, Yogi, Lawdog, Titlemax

 “Hop out the bed and I’m countin’ them faces”
        ~Migos (Deadz)
    16 PAX showed on a brisk Wednesday to close out a strong January. Despite the ice, snow, chilly temps, and the work that goes into launching a new AO, The Kodiak remains a beacon for Cherokee County of the impact F3 has on men’s lives.
    The PAX didn’t know that todays inspiration comes from Migos fire new album Culture II. All the exercises were based on the first few posts I had to F3 and got smoked time after time. I did it for the Culture.
Mosey to Warm-O-Rama:
    15 SSH
    15 Cotton Pickers
    15 Hillbillies
    Super-Blue-Blood Moon gods (arm circles)
The Thang:
    Mosey to the Bus Lane for Route 66, Inch by Inch (C4 introduced this to me at my second post). Each lightpost provided an opportunity for an exercise, and you add one per pole. Today’s exercise was inchworms. Walk your hands out to plank, do a merkin, and walk your feet up to your hands. We got up to 13. For the Culture.
Mosey to the front of the school for Bulgarian Split Squats and Mak tar N’Diayes. One partner performs 10 reps per leg while the other AMRAPS (don’t make me spell it again). Close the round with a baby lap. Rinse and repeat with 15 and 20 per leg.
Inmate Indian Run to the Hot Corner (Yeah, I’m calling it that) for some Merkin fun. One leg hop the length of the parking lot, do 10 Merkins with hands on the curb. Switch legs and hop to other side, do 10 Derkins with feet on the curb, Bunny hop back, 10 Merkins w/ right hand on curb, Lunge Walk back, 10 Merkins with left hand on curb. (To honor my first post, where 10 merkins was part of the warm-o-rama, I got winded, and worried if I could hang).
Mosey back to the flag for some Mary.
    3 High-Low Planks
    20 Crunchy Frogs
    20 LBCs
    20 Dying Cockroaches
    Welcome to Title IX. We know you will make Sparty proud.
    Prayers for Cricket’s mom, Titlemax’s Flu Family. Continued thoughts go to Gamecock, Babyface’s neighbor, and the family who we helped build the fence.
2.0 workout at the Hurt Locker on Saturday, bring a dodge ball if you have one. Super Bowl party at Natty’s, let him know if you are coming. Shirt order is open for Kodiak gear.
“Like a pro skater, did my own grinds”

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