Mountain Jam ’17

When: 11/18/2017

QIC: Leon

PAX (): Leon, Manhole, Fizz, Bean

Took the F3-Shadow– “on the road.”  The  1st annual “or” bi-annual Pax descended upon a cloudy-foggy Caesars Head, SC to hold their own beat down.  A great group and an even better beat down.  We missed our Shadow brethren, but it was time to take this this Thang on the road!

The Pax decided to start 30 mins later at 7:30 in order to really bring the heat.  So with that, here is the Thang: (we started right out on the driveway of the house-No excuses for being late!)

SSH IC x 20                                                                                                                              Windmills IC x 15                                                                                                                            LSS IC x 15                                                                                                                                         Merkins IC x12                                                                                                                                 Rinse & Repeat 1x

Mosey down the “steep” driveway and around the corner to “Above The Clouds” Mountain house-our neighbors.  Pax groaned as the driveway was very STEEP and knew what “goes down–must go up!”

Halfway down, Bear crawl down hill for 20 yrds then down to the house parking lot. Line up in the garage and run out and back (20 yrds):                       High Knees, Warrior Lunges, Butt Kickers.

Head to the grass for Mary:  Low flutter(25), Box Cutters(20), Mason Twist(15), Obliques(12 each side), High Dolly (15).

Once the Pax was warm, it was time for 10-20-30-40-50.  From the bottom of the hill work our way up to the top of the hill: 10 Burpees at the base, run up the hill 20 yrds for 20 Mtns Climbers, then 30 Sumo Squats, then 40 LBCs, finish with 50 single count Plank.

Once PAX recovered.  Bear Crawl further up the Mtn road 1/2 way (30 yards), then Warrior lunge to to gravel driveway.  Mosey through “Brad’s Trail” to community lodge- I’ll tell  you the story later  We encountered an empty keg  of beer at the Lodge and almost ceased our beat down to see if the Keg was still functional–no go!

Mosey-ed to Lodge porch for a round of Grateful Dead.  Then a slow Mosey to community circle.   We then split up into 2 groups. We each went and ran the circle our separate ways when we met up up half way, we hit 5 burpees, then 5 burpees at the finish when we met up. .

Mosey to tennis house for Mary:

ABC IC x 15                                                                                                                                    Dying C’roach IC x 15                                                                                                                   Low Flutter IC x 15                                                                                                                  Freddy IC x 15                                                                                                                                Heels to Heaven IC x 15

Mosey up the stairs to Tennis porch for Cliffhangers:  Split up Pax for 2 sets of Merkins and Dips (10 Merkins and 15 Dips)

Mosey to lower lot for 10-20-30-40-50. back to base driveway:  10 Burpees, 20 Mtns Climbers, 30 Sumo Squats, 40 LBCs, 50 single count Plank.

Shuttle run down the driveway and up the hill back to home-base.

Finish with Calves.  15 regular-15 heels in-15 heels out

COT then Bean took us out

Bless Fizz/Manhole for a Great Breakfast.  A Great day at the Sierra Nevada and Oskar Blues Breweries!  You all missed a great day!



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