Enter the Dragon

When: 11/16/2017

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Body, Crack, Snake, Wiz, Swiper, Olaf

The gloom and the climate could not have been more perfect for a beatdown.  As YHC pulled into the Big Creek parking lot, Body and Swiper were already set to reek havoc on the morning. With a total of 7 Pax present, we punched our time cards.


    Quick mosey to base of Kilimanjaro:
    SSH x 20 IC
    Copperhead squats x 15 IC
    Windmill x 12 IC
    The Hillbilly x 15

The Thang

    Quick side trip to rock pile for generous size coupon.
    Dora 1-2-3
    1- Partner 1- Backwards run up hill 2nd light poll, forward down  partner2- squat press w/ coupon. 100 total
    2- Partner 2- Backwards run up hill/down- partner 1 merkins x 100 total
    3- Partner 1-Repeat back run/Forward to 2nd light- partner 2- pelvic thrusts x 75 total.
    Re-deposit coupons
    Quick mosey towards pavilion for Bruce Lee:
    3 rounds- 20 reps each- 6 exercises.
    1) Hammers 2)leg lift 3)LBC’s 4) heel touches 5)crunchy frogs 6) 100’s
    Feeling the burn just like Bruce himself!
    Mosey down hill through Roman Columns with Pax in Indian run towards small pavilion.
    2 rounds-20 reps each IC
    Derkins and step-ups
    Grab coupons for Colt 45’s
    Mosey back to flag for Mary:
    Freddy Mercury x 15 IC compliments of Body.
    Upcoming Thanksgiving day flag football game at Webb Bridge
    Grow-Ruck coming soon
    Prayers for Darth and Mother’s heath
    Wiz’s M-prayers for her family and coping with cousins suicide
    Cracks family-uncle just passed away from cancer


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