When: 10/19/2017

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Mufasa, Miller time, Special K, Tenderfoot, Ha-ha, Mayham, Swingline, Blue Steel, Slip n Slide, Kruger, Jackelope, Bayside, Zima, Nacho Libre, Devito

15 Alpha PAX out for a chilly morning at Rubicon. A Blue Steel sighting this morning was a welcome return. Here’s how it all unfolded:


Mosey over to the side lot off Wills Road and circle up for IC imperial walkers, mountain climbers, Merkins and cotton pickers. Still not quite warm so we lined up at one end of the parking lot for some jumping jack burpee flash. 1 to 5 ratio burpees to SSH will burpees at one end of the lot and SSH at the other … sprint between. 5 rounds OYO increasing to 5 and 25.

The Thang

Now that we were warm we mosey to the playground. AMRAP PUMPS. As many rounds as possible of Pull-ups, sit-Ups, Merkins, Plankjacks, and Squats. 5 reps each. Pull-ups at the monkey bars. Sit-ups and plankjacks by the wall, and Merkins and squats on the far side of the bridge. So we were running between quite a bit. AMRAP for 15 minutes.

Once the timer buzzed complete, we gathered and moseyed to the large building by the FOD outfield. Time to bring back something from the Tour of Failures. Partner up. 1 partner does balls to the wall to failure. The other partner is doing monkey humpers. Flap jack when the BTTW partner fails. Continue until both partners have stood BTTW 3 times to failure. Then we headed back to the flag for Mary. IC flutter kicks, LBCs and foot bounces at 6 inches.


Prayers for Lumberg on his mission trip and for safe return. Prayers for a friend of Tnederfoot with a hand injury.

Q sign-ups are out for Widowmaker, Rubicon and Wreck on the F3 Alpha Locations page. You’re on the site now reading, so hit the menu at the top and go sign up for 1 or 2 days.

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