Cold? A good day to run

When: 10/18/2017

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Homeboy, DD, Drumstick, Banjo, Bloodhound, Westside, Wham-o, Pulte, Woody, Lawdog, Misty, Naty Lite, Hasbro, Dori, Harp, Aquaman, Cricket, Legionnaire, Hombre, Spaceballs (FNG)

Fall has finally found its way to Georgia.  YHC woke to 45 degrees this morning and was slightly concerned that it may make the call of the fartsack more difficult to overcome, but the men of The Kodiak did not disappoint me.  As the clocked ticked closer to 5:30 more and more cars flowed in and the crowd swelled all the way to what is becoming our new standard of 21.  So as the faithful time arrived we moseyed.

Warm Up:

After a short Mosey and a quick disclaimer for our FNG, we circled up and did 15 SSH, 10 Windmills, & 10 Copper Head Squats.

The Thang:

Next we moved over to the bus lane to start our Route 66 with 10 merkins, & with every light pole we stopped and added 2 more merkins.  Once we made the circle at the back of the school we planked for the 6.  Once the 6 was in and the arms of the days golfers were now sufficiently warmed up, we formed 2 lines and hit a long Indian run to the back of the student parking lot.

At the parking lot we partnered up for some suicide BLIMPS down the parking lot.  Each PAX kept their own BLIMP count, and each man went to the next line of parking spots.

Finally we finished the days fun with a 4 courner escalator with 10 star jumps at the first, 15 Mike Tysons at the 2nd, 20 Big Boy Sit-ups at the 3rd, and 25 Split Jumps at the final corner.

With time expiring we moseyed back to the flag


Welcome Spaceballs


  • Prayers for the Creekview family  who lost their mother this past weekend
  • Praise for Wham-o who has received good news for his back
  • Fia has started in the Cherokee at Veterans Park from 8-9am on Saturdays
  • Spartan Race this Saturday, gonna be a great day
  • We are going to talk after the workout next Saturday (10/28) about expansion

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