No precipitation, but it was raining…

When: 10/09/2017

QIC: El Matador

PAX (): BRD, Scrooge, Sunshine, Saint 2.0

5 PAX loaded up for an endurance test.  The Hooch crew was a little light with some out of town (and probably a few afraid of the rain), but we actually avoided Cantore.  You couldn’t tell it though, with all the sweat drops left behind from Sunshine.  Rain and Sunshine area a rare phenomenon!  After a quick warmup of 10 Cotton Pickers, 20 Annie’s (sand the floor), and 20 SSH’s, we headed over to the church.
Lt Dan’s took us through the parking lot, and all PAX hung in there for 10 & 40.
We moseyed around the lake, no doubt some were wondering where YHC was headed.  To my favorite curb!  8 rounds of Curb Crawl – bear crawl to one curb and 10 Derkins, then bear crawl back.  Somebody asked where Sneakers is?
Time for another endurance test with Captain Thor’s.  Strong effort once again from the PAX!
3 minutes of Mary with 20 LBC’s 15 Reverse LBC’s, and 15 Dying Cockroaches (Dab?).
Prayers for Scrooge’s M with a tough situation she is handling, and BRD’s M.

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