Deck of Death (by Burpees)

When: 10/04/2017

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (): Windex, Chelsea, 7-Up, Nature Boy, Garfield, Bear, Smackdown, Toothpick, Percy, Circus, Turbine, Caboose, Bronco, 8-Mile, Pegs, Jackelope, Racket (FNG), Tee-Pee, Sprocket, Virginia Slim, Mad Dog, Double D, Big Short (FNG), Thumper, Booter, Polaroid, Doogie, Grease Monkey

We had 28 PAX and a substitute Q for the injured AFLAC on a beautiful October morning. At 5:30 we were off moseying a slightly different direction than usual. A quick stop at the baseball field for a little warmup:

  • SSH x 15
  • Cotton Pickers x 15
  • Imperial Walkers x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • Windmills x 12


From there we backtracked a bit to a nice wall to use for some Mike Tysons. 10 MTs followed by a lunge walk up the first level sidewalk ramp, then we traversed the next sidewalk ramp with hands on one set of upper rails and feet on the other (no idea what that was called), hustled back down to the start and finished with 10 Carolina Dry Docks (aka Mudhumpers aka Stone Mountains) and planked for the Six. Rinse and repeat with 20 Mike Tysons and Dry Docks.

Another Mosey over to the football field and circled up for a little Deck of Death (er…Burpees). Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Burpees and Big Boy Situps were represented by the suits, but safe to say Burpees had more than their fair share of draws. We think Aflac shuffled the deck. We made it about halfway through the deck before time was running short.

We lined up for a little Redskin Run back to the flag. (Thanks Toothpick – Redskins ARE Indians). And we still had time for a few rounds of Mary.


We welcomed 2 FNGs to the group: Big Short and Racket. Welcome!

Crazy Love Coffee house after

Sprocket leading 3rd F at Crazy Love Thursday

Aflac out for leading trail run Saturday but still interest; Bronco coordinating

Prayer requests:

Booter and Mrs. Booter are expecting their first 2.0 in April (?)

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