Scavenger Hunt

When: 10/02/2017


PAX (): Toothpick, Sprocket, Zima, Doogie, Hat trick, Bear, I-Beam, Bronco, Turbine, Crab Legs, Love Love, Nomad, Thumper, Booter, Virginia Slim, Smack Down, Rusty, Grease Monkey, Percy, Moonshine, Jackalope

After some pretty good beat downs last week with coupons, we started this week with the only coupon to carry was a small LED flashlight that weighed a few ounces.  22 Pax showed up on one of our few mornings under 60 degrees at Wreck since we started. The Pax were broken into small groups of three people with a Scavenger Hunt of exercises to see which group finished first.


We tried a new one from the F3 Exicon, the Alabama Ass Kicker, this may be one to NOT come back to.

10 per leg

The Thang:

Stop 1:

99 Burpees for the team. The total number completed by the team is 99.

Once complete go to Number 2 on your map.

Stop 2:

Climb the steps doing 3 calf raises per step. When done come back down the hill and head to number 3

Stop 3:

300 hundred shoulder presses, 300 Shoulder front raises, 300 shoulder flys per team. Total number by team is 300 for each.

Continue to number 4 when complete.

Stop 4:

300 LBCs and 90 American hammers per team.

Stop 5:

Enter football field. Start at goal line.  Bear crawl to the 25 yard line.  Lunge walk from 25 to 50.  Karaoke the last 50, return here and then head to number 6.

Stop 6:

Enter football field. 60  Merkins per team, run backwards 100 yards, return, do 60 Wide Grip Merkins per team.  Return here and head to number 7.

Stop 7:

Go to the other side of the baseball field. 60 Merkins at bottom of hill & 60 Burpees at top per team.  Come back down hill & per team do 90 step ups with right leg & left leg. Return here & continue to 8.

Stop 8:  (Same as the starting point)

Grab the next number from the sheet.  Tear it off. Run to the number listed (shortest route) & bring sheet, tape, and flashlight back.  (First group will take number 1).  300 squats for team upon return.

Most groups seemed to finish the routine in almost exactly 45 minutes.


Minimal Mary as teams were getting back.  YHC was in one of last groups returning so not 100% sure what all was done.

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Freddie Mercuries



I-Beam is going into to have his baby today.  Good luck to him, his wife, son and new born.  We all expect to see him on Wednesday.

Aflac is out of commission for awhile due to a toe boo boo.  Does anyone want to lead the Saturday morning run in his absence?  If so, just take over the communication on Slack.


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