When: 03/27/2017

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Flo, Simba, The Dab, Pony Boy, Sunshine, Sparty, Nacho Libre, Piggy, Ralphie, Sneakers, Squirrel, and Boomer

12 made it out to the Hooch to experience Doracide with their brothers. The weather this month has been Jekyll and Hyde. Fortunately for the Pax the weather was perfect for a beatdown.

Warm up

Mosey over to the top parking lot:
14 SSH
10 Lunges
10 Merkins
10 Mountain Climbers

The Thang

Mosey from the parking lot over to Perimeter parking lot. YHC was looking for a nice spot with some planters/breaks for our suicides. Right as we pulled in the parking lot our spot was found.

Dora + Burpee Suicides = Doracide

In the parking lot there were four islands. Each island represented a destination for the suicides. Uses the same concept as the regular Dora, 2 PAX work together to reach cumulative exercise goals of 100, 200, 300, and 400 reps. The difference comes in the sprint, instead of running 100 yards you will do suicides instead. 1 PAX member will execute as many reps as possible while PAX 2 sprints to disc 1, 1 burpee, sprint back to partner, touch, sprint to disc 2, 2 burpees, sprint back to partner, touch, all the way to five.

100 Makhtar N’Diayes, 200 Merkins, 300 Plank Jacks, and 400 LBC’s.

Mosey back to the flag. On the way there still seemed to be some mumble chatter so YHC decided to pull an audible and add a few merkins. Sprint to light pole and do ten merkins, sprint to the next ten more, all the way through half of mucho chesto.


A lot of mumble chatter this morning from the pax at the Hooch. The Pax wanted a work out from the golf coach and not the wrestling coach. Heard a few dodge ball references. (If you can swing a person you can swing a golf club)

Makhtar N’Diayes are awful.

Saw a few knee pushups from the Pax…

Great job by Sparty! Always great to see an FNG return and get after the beat down.

Always honored to lead this group of men!


Prayers for Sunshines co-worker, she lost her battle with cancer.

Praise for the work being done through Sojourn. They are making changes throughout the world.

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