Blue’s Out of Gas (Murder Bunny remix)

AO: The Galaxy

When: 06/10/2021

PAX: Sparky, Waco, Steamer, Jorts, WideRight, Bottlecap, SosoDef

QIC: Blue

Disclaimer given


15 SSH

15 Windmills

15 Hill Billy

Mosey to lower steps

The Thang:


  • 4 PAx: Grab a coupon and murder bunny up the steep hill.
  • Other 4 PAX: Jumprope at top of hill.
  • When 1  PAX reaches the top, they grab a jump rope and the other runs to bottom of hill and does a murderbunny.

After 15 minutes, we moved to on to…


  • 4 PAx: Push truck up across parking lot to designated spot
  • Other 4 PAX: Run to end of parking lot at designates spot, and count aggregate burpees.
  • Go back to start and switch placers.
  • Team with most aggregate burpees wins.

After 20 minutes, we did a lap.

Mary to 6:10 and Stretch to 6:15


Wreck’s NLB dinner on Saturday night.


Reminder to invite someone to Galaxy who may not look like you.

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