When: 12/28/2016

PAX: El Matador, The Dab, Captain Stubing, and Piggie

QIC: Flo

5 PAX including YHC showed up at #thehooch for a myriad of exercises.  We didn’t go far, but somehow netted about 4,800 steps.  The Dab found a 50 spot on one of his treks and treated those that stayed for the coffeeteria to a hot cup of joe.  Can’t wait to have all of the band back together when to get the New Year started of right!

Here’s what happened:

Quick lap around the lot and warm-up, then mosey to the back lot.

YHC pulled a few tricks out of his bag (or garage) which is normally used for #cavework sessions.  YHC loaded up a 70-lb sand bag, a 25 lb plate, two 10 lb sand bags, two 10 lb plates, a speed rope, a medicine ball, and some resistance bands to create a #HIM assembly line.

5 stations for each round.  Each PAX assigned to a different station/exercise.  Our “timer” was the PAX carrying the heavy sand bag who would mosey to the other end of the parking lot and back.  Once he got back we rotated down the line and the runner would start in the back with that station exercise.  Once everyone went through the stations we would recover and switch up the exercise stations.  Here’s an example of what we did…Ball Slams, Weighted LBCs, Jump Rope, Reverse flys, Squat/Curl/Press, Weighted Craig Elos, Sandbag swings, popSquats, In/Out Merkins, Weighted American Hammers, Chest Flys, Skull Crushers, Weighted Crunchy Frog, and a few I made up on the fly that I can’t remember.

No time for MOM.

No Hickory Stick…we didn’t have the Chris Tomlin catalogue playing this time.

Great effort and change of pace…nice work!

Moleskin: Show up at Webb Bridge with an FNG in tow this weekend or be prepared to do 50 Burpees.  Safe travels to those on the move.  Thanks for the prayers for YHC’s M and our situation.  We think we are on the good side of it, but not out of the woods yet.

See you in the gloom,


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