Mucho Running

When: 12/22/16

PAX: Crack, So So Def, Law Dog, Boomer, Babyface, Mufasa, Blue Steel, Dos si Do

QIC: Cookie

-Mosey up to the Children of the Corn.  Side straddle hop, windmill, cotton picker.
-Mosey over to the wall at the dog track for a little Balls to the Wall (nice job Boomer & Dos si Do)

-3 Man Teams for a relay race around the track
-1st man runs, 2nd man does 10 merkins with partner holding feet, 3rd man does Squats while holding feet for the Merkin man.
-once done, call your runner, he planks, waits on partners to catch
-rotate positions and off we go.  And around and around and around we went.
-Mosey over to the back playground
-2 Man Teams for some swerkins, pull-ups & Mike Tysons.
-partner is doing exercise until other man gets back from his little run
-each man does all 3 exercises.
-Mosey all the way back to Grits pavilion
-step-ups, dips & extended leg raises.  Rinse & repeat.
-off to the Flag for 5 MOM, ring around the rosey style
-LBC, Freddie Mercury, Flutter Kick, American Hammer, Side Planks, Dying Cockroach

9 strong on a beautiful morning, of what is the 2nd official day of winter.  Continued prayers for Flo’s wife and So So Def’s friend, David.  Announcearama:  Christmas Eve beatdown at the Widowmaker this Saturday.  Following Saturday is “Bring an FNG day”, also at the Widowmaker.  You’ll owe 50 burpees if you fail to do so!  Q Bears for Q4 are rotating after next week, looking for some HIMs to step up for Q1.  Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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