That’s the gift that keeps on giving…

When: 12/20/16

PAX: The athlete formally known as 410, the Body, The Hammer, Big Dipper, Clyde, Darth Visor

QIC: Swiper

the whole year, Clark… But there was no “jelly of the month” club this morning at Big Creek as 7 HIM’s headed out to feel some holiday spirit!  Great start as we walked up to see our long lost brother 12-guage, or was it 410 since he hadn’t posted in a while?  Darth felt it best to refer to him as “the athlete formally known as 410” and that seemed to make least as much sense as most naming conventions do in F3, so off we went…

Mosey down the street to the first pass for warm up’s:


Cotton Mills


Keep heading down the street to the base of Mt. Culiminjaro for a Mercan Climb…

Sprint up the hill, stopping for 10 Mercans at every sign (think there are 7)

Once at the Summit, gather up for some 4 corners escalators around the parking lot:

10 Burpees

10 burpees, 20 wide mercans

10 burpees, 20 wide mercans, 30 squats

10 burpees, 20 wide mercans, 30 squats, 40 LBC’s

Run it back down with only the last exercise at each corner- strong showing by the RESPECT crew out there today!

Head to the short wall for a set of: jump up’s, incline mercans (some moaning from the PAX about the continued string of chest exercises) and step up’s and then back down the hill.

Short stop by the lower pavilion for some peoples chair and then off to the coupon dispenser for 2 sets of Colt 45’s with curls, SC’s, and OHP’s.  The athlete formally known as 410 showed that the fartsack had not softened him up as he stepped in with a rock that Mufasa, Boomer, and Nacho all may have passed over!  Well done!

Back to the flag for Mary:




A new complicated exercise that Hammer has introduced to us that involved arm and leg raises. Challenge to all BC PAX to give it a proper F3 exercise name before the next call out


  • Prayers for job searches and the right opportunities to unfold for all
  • Prayers for DV’s daughter’s boyfriend that his eyes might be opened over the holiday
  • Prayers for 410’s brother who is preparing for brain surgery in late January and for peace for his family.
  • Prayers for safe travels and a blessed holiday for all!

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