Animals and Army crawls

When: 03/23/17

PAX: Peanut, Cookie, Foghorn, Fondue, Moonshine, Nacho, Millertime, T.O., SoSoDef, Murdoch

QIC: MillerTime

Giving the nod to at least one anticipated late arrival, YHC started our Thursday with a few laps around the parking lot mixing in side shuffles and karaoke.  Back to the starting spot for Warm UPs consisting of:
Imperial Walkers
Copper Head squats

The Thang:  It’s been too long since we did any rock work so we moseyed over for a medium size coupon and on to the FOD Hill for some Animal themed elevation work.  Partnered up
Lap1 – Bear Crawl
Lap 2 – Cheetah
Lap 3 – Monkey Walk (A new one found on the intraweb)
Lap 4 – Backwards

While Partner A was going up the hill, Partner B had his choice of Rock assisted exercises (Press, Skull Crusher, Shoulder Press, Rows, Curls).  We completed this cycle three times.

Next was indian run x2 laps with Rock around FOD.  Line up on third base line for 30 rock assisted Big Boy Situps and then Rock American Hammers.

Line up on third base line again and run in sync towards the fence until YHC calls drop for army crawl the rest of the way to the fence and then sprint back to third base line.  X2

We dropped our Coupons off and back to the flag for some MARY
Rosalita, Dolly, LBC, Reverse LBC, OYO Alphabet

T.O led Third F to follow this morning

  • Volunteer Park cleanup this Saturday following the beatdown – M’s and 2.0’s encouraged to come
  • (Let’s give back to Alpharetta Parks Department who supports our groups)
  • Changing of the Quarterly Q’s announcement


  • Murdoch was a good sport in doing the army crawl today even though that’s not what aviators do!
  • Thanks to Peanut for volunteering to take the Rubicon Q for Second Quarter (Creating and insuring his own accountability) – Tuesday is still open.  I believe Saturday is taken already as well.
  • Thanks to Nacho for tracking down and recovering our AO Flag from the guy who didn’t bring it on Tuesday.
  • Amazing how much this pax resembled Bears, Cheetahs and Monkeys in the gloom
  • Great work by everyone!

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