Extreme Couponing…

When: 03/21/17

PAX: the Body, Clyde, Big Dipper, Chief, Gizmo

QIC: Swiper

We’ve all seen the shows where the strategic SAHM walks out of a Wal Mart with $1,200 worth of non-complementary stacks of dry goods for less than a $1 investment?  Well, it was kind of like that at the Creek this morning for 6 HIM’s, except we invested heavily in bringing our coupons only to leave with nothing more than aches and pains!  Here’s how she went…

Warm up’s:


Cotton mills


The Thang:

Mosey to the coupon pile and choose wisely…off to the Field of Dreams II for one of YHC’s favorites- Black jacks with coupons! (As it was the 21st of March, only seemed fitting)

20 curls, 1 row- sprint 25 yards with your coupon and do

19 curls, 2 rows, sprint back for

18/3, etc.  all the way to 1/20..

Nice job by all of the PAX on this one with Gizmo leading the charge!

Next, celebrate the arrival of Spring with some field exercises at corners and mid field and alternating sprints, side shuffles, and back pedals between:

10 Star jumps

20 Plank jacks

30 Run in place (high knees with both legs counting as 1)

25 Iron Cross

20 Nolan Ryans

15 Goblet Squats (coupons left in this location.  Really starting to hate these things at this point).

Rinse and repeat with a -5 on each exercise.

Mosey to the sidewalk for a lunge walk back to the coupon pile.

Indian Run back to the track pavilion with a quick stop for dips and step ups on the benches, 4 rounds of 10 each

Back to the flag for Mary:





Reverse LBC’s


-Prayers for Darth for a blessed trip with his M and a safe return

-Prayers for Chief’s sister having surgery in London today.  Successful procedure and safe return in a few weeks for she and her family.

– Prayers for all men of F3 to overcome the sin nature of passivity and embrace our role as leaders of our families.  Ask and it shall be given to you.

-Continued prayers for job searches, growth of our AO


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