Cold What?

When: 03/16/17

PAX: Boomer, Mufasa, Devito, Moonshine, Cookie, Nacho, T.O, Fondue, Crack (apologies for forgetting earlier)

QIC: MillerTime

First off, I would like to thank Crack, the man. He was here with us. And even if he’s not here with us, his spirit is everywhere, so he is always here with us. Today, he had on those sweet racing slicks that his wonderful M purchased for him at Tar-jjjjjay. Fantastic place by the way. Fantastic. Back to Crack, the man, since he was there. Of course, I had issues seeing him. He is so fast, almost like a streak in the night. So fast. Thanks Crack, the man! Signed, Miller Time… for real

Feels like 19 said the weather app this morning.  On the ride over this morning my trusty carpool partner Devito predicted a small turnout.  I took the opposite position feeling confident they would show; and they did!  10 in Total

This was however a good day to keep moving and keep the ground work to a minimum (although the mud would have been frozen solid today)

We took off going the long way around to a warm up session in the lot by the playground
SSH, Mercans, Cotton Pickers

Main Event

Continued on to Brokeback Mountain for 3 partner laps each while second partner did –
8 count Burpee’s
BB situps
Plank Jacks

Moved over to the long lot for uphill Lieutenant Dan’s with 5 count mercan’s after each cycle.  As long as that lot is we made it almost to the top by 8 and 32 so we spun around and completed 10 and 40 on the downhill.

Last stop was the playground for partner pull ups.  Each man does 10 with assist if needed followed by a run to the wall for wall sit’s and 20 wonderbra’s, repeat with 8, 6, 4 and 2 pull ups.   Back to the flag no time for mary today


  • Invitation to 3rd F following this morning’s workout
  • Praise for the success of the HIM at Cherokee AO
  • Discussion about Volunteer work at one of the Parks next Saturday (25th)following the workout (8:30 / 9:00ish) – Crack is coordinating and will send final details as they are known.


  • Definite progress for Moonshine in completing the three full laps for the first time – Awesome to see a man get stronger – great work!
  • O. knocking out the pull up cycles unassisted on a less than ideal bar – respect
  • Mufasa owns all hill runs – no contest.  Boomer / Mufasa as partners also no contest and may soon be outlawed in the lower 48.
  • Great job by all!

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